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Company Information


Current Operations

Midway Specialty Vehicles LLC continues to sell to the commercial fleet users. Midway has created somewhat of a niche market by being a true customized commercial van upfitter. Throughout the years, we have always worked with the customer to develop solutions to specific transportation needs in lieu of trying to make the customer needs fit our existing product line. The customization process, starting with salesman inquiry then through engineering and design with the customer and finally product implementation ensures that our customers receive the best product to satisfy their needs to the best of our ability

Name, Legal Structure, & Ownership

Midway Specialty Vehicles is incorporated in the State of Indiana and the initial corporate entity began operations on October 23, 1980. The Midway Specialty Vehicles President / CEO / Owner is Mike Violi. Mr. Violi is instrumental in establishing the vision and direction for the company. Violi has previous managerial entrepreneurial experience as owner/operator of National Mobility Corporation with additional managerial experience as an officer / owner /GM for Goshen Coach, McCoy Miller, and Starcraft Bus & Mobility.

Location and References

Midway Specialty Vehicles LLC is located in north central Indiana in a community called Elkhart. We currently occupy two buildings approximating 55,000 square feet situated on five acres of land. Our second location in Ladson, South Carolina includes 4 acres in the Midway Sprinter Division Complex with approximately 25,000 square feet, and this facility is dedicated to the Sprinter. Midway has a recognized fleet ship thru code for the Sprinter chassis. Over the years we have developed relationships with the domestic car companies, and our loyal customers. We are known as one of, if not the, leader in customized commercial van conversions.




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